Setting up a personal JBLS

TL;DR: Jetbrains license server is available at Read below to look into setting up your personal server.

As a student who has been using JetBrains products for just about a year now, it's hard to think of not being able to use one of their tools ever again.

As a result, I went looking for a way to continue to use the products.

First off I went to google for a JBLS ("JetBrains License Server"). Instead of looking at the search results that may or may not be real and work, I went straight to the bottom of the page:

A-ha! Thanks to Google, they provide a link to the DMCA request at Going to the complaint page, sure enough, has links to where there are probably real cracks.

The second link here is all we need for now. The owner of that domain, any @, has worked very hard to provide binaries to run on a Linux server so anyone can run their own server and not depend on that domain (which is blacklisted by JetBrains products anyways).

At the top there is a magnet link to the binaries for JBLS 1.3, however, this is not the most recent version of it. If you go to Ilanyu's blog, the latest JBLS is v1.5 here.

After using that magnet link, I was good to go for running the license server.

$ sudo ./IntelliJIDEALicenseServer_linux_386

2017/08/01 14:27:45 *************************************************************
2017/08/01 14:27:45 ** IntelliJ IDEA License Server                            **
2017/08/01 14:27:45 ** by: ilanyu                                              **
2017/08/01 14:27:45 **                                  **
2017/08/01 14:27:45 ** Alipay donation: [email protected]                **
2017/08/01 14:27:45 ** Please support genuine!!!                               **
2017/08/01 14:27:45 ** listen on                               **
2017/08/01 14:27:45 ** You can use as license server     **
2017/08/01 14:27:45 *************************************************************

If you'd rather not have it listen on 1017 or you'd like a different "licensed to" username assigned, it has settings for that

$ sudo ./IntelliJIDEALicenseServer_linux_386 -h
Usage of ./IntelliJIDEALicenseServer_linux_386:
  -l string
        bind on host (default "")
  -p int
        port (default 1017)
  -prolongationPeriod string
        prolongationPeriod (default "607875500")
  -u string
        username (default "ilanyu")

And voila!